It's either the real us is subtly locked behind our sophisticated facade, only waiting to be freed the moment we open our blogs. If you don't get what I mean, well this shtt is my solace. Achingly fragile soul. Hopeless romantic. Utmost "notes" stalker. Considers each follower as an  alter ego -- the most significant bestfriend never met. Unfollowers... well yea thanks for dropping by... 'til we meet again, love you! (p.s. Guilty pleasure: CAMREN)

Tumblr Themes is this sht fo real tho cz…
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Anonymous asked: Which song did lauren forget the lyrics? Was it the recent arizona concert?

yup.. here..

Tumblr Themes Lo being all too cute forgetting the lyrics..
Tumblr Themes


Dear Harmonizers: Do NOT put the girl’s Barbie’s in sexual positions to satisfy your shipping needs. I repeat: do not sexualize these toys meant for young girls. It’s okay to buy them if you’re not a child. But we are better than Bronies. Do not sexualize these dolls. And especially don’t take pictures of it and make the girls see what you’ve done. Just don’t do it.

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Tumblr Themes -when I’m feelin kinda swaggy and all.. I’m just like-
Tumblr Themes "Your voice seems the only melody I crave, I’m enraptured, I’m enslaved."
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